Thursday, April 8, 2010

What is Graphic Design?

Have you ever wondered what people meant when they said Graphic Design? It is something I have always asked myself until I met Stephen. Graphic Design is a fancy word for creating and combining symbols, images and/or words to create a visual representation of ideas and messages. Because we as human beings are very visual people we use graphic design as a tool for us to visually communicate with each other.

Graphic Design can also aid in selling a product or idea through effective visual communication. It is applied to products and elements of a companies identity like logos, colors, packaging, and text. Together these are defined as Branding.

The World's Top 10 most valuable brands.
1.) Coca-Cola U.S.
2.) Microsoft U.S.
3.) IBM U.S.
4.) GE U.S.
5.) Intel U.S.
6.) Nokia Finland
7.) Toyota Japan
8.) Disney U.S.
9.) McDonald's U.S.
10.) Mercedes Germany

Source: The Business Week/Interbrand Annual Ranking of the 2006 Global Brands.

Join us next week as we will discuss the value of Branding and explain why Brands are valuable to firms.

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